1.1. Introduction

The Nextron Security Center is intended to provide multi tenancy support to single ASGARD installations. It connects to the Analysis Cockpit and synchronizes data provided in cases within the Analysis Cockpit.

All assets assigned to a specific tenant within the ASGARD Management Center will be synchronized to this tenant in the Analysis Cockpit and finally to the Security Center.

In a service provider setup, a team of analysts would be working on event analysis and would use the Analysis Cockpit for that. Event analysis is independent from specific tenants. A case created in the Analysis Cockpit can affect one or more tenants.

If a case meets pre-defined criteria its content gets synchronized to the Security Center and leads to the creation of one or more findings for one or more tenants within the Security Center.

The Security Center provides the option for a second service provider team that is intended to assist the customers (tenants) with the findings. Communication between customers and the customer service team can be done through the “Comments” function within the Security Center.

The following image shows an architecture overview with all products and their communication relationships.

Architecture of Security Center

Architecture of Security Center

In the figure above, the Security Center – which consists of the Security Center Frontend and the Security Center Backend – is shown as a single functional block. Security Center Frontend and Security Center Backend can be installed in separate DMZ networks if required. This is optional however.